The Forbidden Fruit of Incest…


Date: September 14, 2021

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“Sources relevant to the topic of incest are listed below in chronological order. The list does not claim to be comprehensive. Rather, it aims to present sources which engage with, or are relevant to, critical debates around the topic. Incest simply refers to erotic and / or sexual encounters between relatives, usually blood relatives or cousins. Definitions of what is considered incest, erotic and / or sexual, will vary by person to person and author to author. In my experience, studies prior to the 1980’s tended to focus on intercourse and relationships between close blood relatives in the immediate family, such as father-daughter or mother-son relations. Whereas studies after 1980 often use an expansive definition where incest does not necessarily involve intercourse or a long-term relationship. Different definitions will shape research findings; more expansive definitions will inflate prevalence rates, for instance. You are advised to pay attention to these differences.” – Prue


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