How to Dispute Irrational Beliefs (Without Arguing)…


Date: September 15, 2021

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“It can be all too human to jump in too fast and draw quick conclusions on the meaning or reason behind something, adding to what are often irrational beliefs. Often with ambiguous events, a ‘meaning vacuum’ occurs, leaving us without immediate clarity on the event.

We all need to be able to wait patiently and let a situation calm down before deciding what – if anything – we should do about it. This can be the difference between ‘believing’ and ‘knowing’, and I talk more about that distinction later in the video, with some tips on how to carefully help someone make that distinction, and how to dispute irrational beliefs.

Video highlights:
00:00 Introduction
00:15 A story about storytelling
02:39 The princess and the premature conclusion
03:46 When we rush to muddy the meaning of something
05:32 3 tips to help dispute irrational beliefs
05:43 Tip 1. Cast subtle doubt on irrational beliefs
07:39 Tip 2. Ask them to generate other possible interpretations on what has happened
09:56 Tip 3. Draw a distinction between ‘believing’ and ‘knowing'”


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