Are We In the Last Days of Civilization? – Filling the Void…

Date: September 16, 2021

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“The Void. We all feel it, to varying degrees. And we all try to fill it in different ways. In this episode of Filling the Void, a collaboration between Vic Berger and VICE News, we take a look at the phenomenon of prepping – how we do it and why we do it.”

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having extra rations and supplies…There’s nothing wrong with safe houses and shelters…

The complicated thing about this…is that I agree with the practicality, of having these things in the event of a social collapse…

…What’s featured here, however…is the parasitic, dark side of preparation culture…the one out to make a buck off of it, or push a larger social agenda through fear.

Truth be told…if there is a cataclysmic devastation dealt to this planet…you may only be buying yourself an extra few years…months…weeks…days…

If you cannot survive outside of your shelter [or even inside of it] anymore…you’re as dead as everybody else.

Few people are going to be able to buy and collect everything they need to survive, in the event this planet becomes hostile to life.

In addition…if we’re dealing with radiation poisoning and terminal conditions…it’s going to be an awful existence…You may not even make it through that “year supply” of emergency food.


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