85 Year Old Lady Breaks Internet: Story of Marilyn’s Olive Garden Review…

Date: September 26, 2021

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“In 2012, an 85 year old woman named Marilyn Hagerty would write a seemingly innocuous food review for the Olive Garden restaurant located in her home town. After being published online, the review would get attention from high brow food critics and redditors. Many felt Marilyn’s review to be comically detailed to be written for a chain restaurant. She would face a wave of online mockery for some time. Today I tell you all the story of Marilyn’s Olive Garden Review, and how she turned the tables on her detractors.”

I’ve never understood peoples disdain for The Olive Garden.

Their endless salad [or soup] and bread sticks is great…I’ve never had any complaint over the dishes I’ve eaten there…The atmosphere is very nice…The staff is always pleasant…There is nearly always a line to get in…plus, they offer a free glass of wine.

It is a mystery to me, why there is so much hate directed towards this restaurant chain.

I’d go there far more often if I could…but I have a really hard time digesting the amount of pasta, which you’re likely to eat when going to an Olive Garden…So, it’s just a rare pleasure for me.

Maybe there is something special [corporate owned?], about the one I always go to…I don’t know…And, yes…things can be inconsistent from one location to another…But I’ve always found “my” Olive Garden to be quite a desirable experience.


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