The Fact Check Administration . . . Should We Crack Down On Misinformation?…


Date: September 27, 2021

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Kyle Kulinski Got This One Wrong:

“I’m a big fan of Kyle Kulinski, AKA Secular Talk, but his recent video wherein he defended misinformation of free speech grounds irked me, and so here is my rebuttal.”

Well…It’s like this…

The U.S. government is corrupt…possibly beyond salvaging…and there is absolutely no path, that would gain my trust for such an organization having a “Fact Check Administration”…

…They’ve already been fucking around with people’s mere speech…and you honestly cannot separate out content, where people are sharing potentially [or literally] false information for the purpose of sharing their thoughts, from intentional spreading of potentially [or literally] false information…because if you give citations and quotes [media, etc.]…then you’re spreading something that some organization claims to be false…even if you’re doing it for the purpose of refuting it.

You’ve effectively destroyed public dialogue…You’ve also created a devastating barrier, to refuting government endorsed social dogma.

If the U.S. government cannot be trusted with this…then who?…We’ve already seen what happens, when most governments decide they can start interfering with speech…It disenfranchises entire demographics of the population, and makes them vulnerable to gross abuses.

There is no reason under the sun, to trust them with this power…Their track record is down right hideous.

If you need censorship…It’s like another commenter expressed…It just means you know that you need to cheat, in order to get your own voice and wants above those of others…because your own beliefs and intentions wont stand on their own, on a level field where everybody gets to speak…and you don’t give a shit, about those who are being ostracized.

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