Brainwashed Trump Fan Gives OMINOUS Warning…

Date: October 13, 2021

01) LINK

“But I talked to folks out here who are simply just angry. They’re upset with the way the country is going right now, and frankly, they’re upset with the way the Republican party is handling everything,” he said, introducing his earlier talk with one attendee who was particularly candid.


Yeah…”they” aren’t going to “take it” anymore…


…Always searching for something to be offended over…Always treating things as though they are “a trespass” against themselves.

…Never allowing a place for people different fom themselves…

…”Fuck everybody else”…

…”Bow down to the Trumplicans”, lest they wage murderous war upon us.

This is terrorism…in case you did not recognize it.

Some people over the years though I was hyperbolic, when talking about this exact sort of mentality being rampant in U.S. christian culture…and being extremely large…not something we can just ignore…

…I’m wondering what they are thinking now, while it’s coming out into the open and exposing itself.

Stuff like this was kept relatively quiet and within church walls, back in the 80’s…

…Today, they brazenly blurt it out all over the internet, and on mainstream media…

…and they act like they are entitled the the entirity of the U.S. government.

These people want a theocracy…and the right to abuse or murder anyone they don’t like.


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