Texas School Wanted “Opposing Views” On Holocaust Book…

Date: October 16, 2021

01) LINK

“A top administrator with the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Texas, is under fire for advising teachers to present “opposing” viewpoints if they’re going to provide books to their students about the Holocaust, NBC News reports.



Not that I think they’re all especially convincing, or good…but differing ideas and opinions are out there…including as relates to the holocaust…and I don’t believe in censoring dialogue, no matter how socially sensitive the topic.

This could prove to be a good exercise in critical thinking…and in teaching critical thinking.

How are you to learn such a skill, if you are never given the opportunity to consider anything, other than what has been approved by “authorities”?

Many people are extremely dumbed down, because they are never exposed to an open range of information, ideas and opinions…They never learn how to process information and think critically.

Things only get to face scrutiny, when you bring them out into the open.

You sheild them when you hide them.


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