The Rapture is Silly and Dangerous…


Date: October 17, 2021

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“What is the rapture? Why do people keep predicting it? Is it harmless fun? Is it causing real world damage?”

“The Rapture” is ridiculous and insane, yes.

Part of the mythology of “The Rapture”, were those insane christian movies from the 70’s or 80’s, where they were telling us all [in dramatized stories] that we were about to be isolated, rounded up, captured, imprisoned, tortured and tormented…and ultimately murdered [via having our heads cut off by guillotine…or shot…or hung]…for the “crime” of being christian, refusing to renounce christianity and refusing to “take the mark of the beast”…Or, if you relented, you’d have committed the one, singular “unforgivable sin”, of “renouncing god/jesus”, which condemned you to hell.

He’s right…This stuff does screw with you, on a deep psychological level.

You’re presented all of this stuff as thought it were real, while you are a child yourself…complete with all the somber, shock and horror that comes with having your life threatened…You were in this large group of people, of all ages…who were simultaneously all experiencing this numb shock…and talking about it, as if it were very soon to come.

It’s honestly quite demented…but it genuinely was taught and believed in the church/schools I grew up in. Supposedly, we were all going to spontaneously start floating up into the sky at some point…if we were in compliance with the churches teachings.

Even just being terrified of heights, there was nothing pleasant about this idea of leaving the ground involuntarily, and floating into outer space…The whole thing seemed like a threat to kill you, in it’s own right.

You look back on this stuff…and contemplate all the people there who should have known better…Yet, they just let it pass without challenge…There was no voice of reason…Nobody to tell you, it’s just a scary story…like a boogie man story, they tell around camp fires at night.

Years later…getting out of all of that…deprogramming…clearing your mind…getting grounded in reality…you realize just what a patsy you were treated as while a child, by the adults around you…You wonder how in the hell this can even happen…You realize there was never any good, valid reason for it to ever happen…

…And yet, it is you who are shunned and treated as if “you are in the wrong”, for walking away from this abuse and denouncing it…

…That seems to have become a defining factor of my entire life…

…Questioning the status quo “to much”…Rejecting the status quo “to much”…Making everybody else who just doesn’t care uncomfortable “to much”…Pursuing a reality based world “to much”…

…and being called “a monster” for it.

It’s the lies and extreme manipulation which are monstrous.

This is the reality of “civilized” culture…They always have to cling to their superstitions…They always have to have their “heretics”, who get denounced for seeing through it all.

…It’s not so civilized.

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