“Do Not Interact If You’re…”…


Date: October 20, 2021

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Possibly the most pathetic, low level internet trend I have ever witnessed, is this preemptive “do not interact, if you’re…” nonsense.

It’s an outright insane level of life in a bubble, prejudice and aggression.

If they are this meek and fragile [or hostile in their “victimhood”/intolerance], perhaps the open internet is not the right place for them.

There is simply no reason to treat people who’ve done nothing against you, like that.

I always thought the whole idea of being online, was to communicate, learn, help and interact with others…possibly even evolve as an individual.

Some people are dead set against their personal evolution and growth…a disturbing level of people, in fact.

And, please [any onlooker]…no lectures on mental illness, or emotional fragility…Those arguments need to be checked at the door.

Anyone who wants a “walled community” can go make one, for free, at countless places on the internet.

If someone self elects to be on an open platform, they have to realize they are going to eventually cross paths with people who are very different from themselves…and the experience of swapping or witnessing a few keyboard tappings is not going to kill them.

…Hell…It’s generally good for people, to be challenged by those of a different persuasion.

It’s infantile, to reject and run away from this.


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