The Battle Over Free Speech: Are Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces & No-Platforming Harming Young Minds?…


Date: October 21, 2021

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“Many would argue that these are the fundamental goals of a good education. So why has Cambridge University taken to warning its students that the sexual violence in Titus Andronicus might be traumatic for them? Why are other universities in America and increasingly in Britain introducing measures to protect students from speech and texts they might find harmful? Safe spaces, trigger warnings and no-platforming are now campus buzzwords – and they’re all designed to limit free speech and the exchange of ideas. As celebrated social psychologist Jonathan Haidt argues in his book ‘The Coddling of the American Mind’, university students are increasingly retreating from ideas they fear may damage their mental health, and presenting themselves as fragile and in need of protection from any viewpoint that might make them feel unsafe.The culture of safety, as Haidt calls it, may be well intentioned, but it is hampering the development of young people and leaving them unprepared for adult life, with devastating consequences for them, for the companies that will soon hire them, and for society at large.

That, Haidt’s critics argue, is an infuriating misinterpretation of initiatives designed to help students. Far from wanting to shut down free speech and debate, what really concerns the advocates of these new measures is the equal right to speech in a public forum where the voices of the historically marginalised are given the same weight as those of more privileged groups. Warnings to students that what they’re about to read or hear might be disturbing are not an attempt to censor classic literature, but a call for consideration and sensitivity. Safe spaces aren’t cotton-wool wrapped echo chambers, but places where minority groups and people who have suffered trauma can share their experiences without fear of hostility.

In November 2018, Haidt came to the Intelligence Squared stage to discuss and debate these ideas. Joining him were the former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks, who believes that educating young people through debate and argument helps foster robustness, author and activist Eleanor Penny, and sociologist Kehinde Andrews, one of the UK’s leading thinkers on race and the history of racism.”

If I were there and had been given the chance to voice a thought…I would have said on the microphone…that what has been forming is dangerous…because these people who aggressively refuse to confront the issues of “the other”…who aggressively fight to be divorced and separate from people they “fear” or dislike…Those people are human, too…and they are absolutely susceptible to stereotypical thinking…to prejudice…to hate…to the demonization of others…to abusing other minorities, who are the culturally trendy minorities to be abusing…

…And these are the people being trained, to be future leaders and decision makers…social power holders, who will decide the fate of others…

It is everybody’s business, that dominating censorship is being normalized among the higher education classes…because, this is a looming threat to anyone who finds themselves outside of popular society.

This movement with it’s mindset, does devastate other minorities who aren’t in “the in crowd”.

They don’t keep all of this on the university campuses…They export it, into the wider culture, it’s institutions and businesses.

You’re a fool, if you think all minorities are benefiting from this…or that the end product of all this speech policing, is actually healthy for minorities or society at large.

It causes a lot of anger and resentment, and boiling tensions…because people are being gagged by it…as are the issues and initiatives they hold dearest to themselves.

And Less Politically Correct:

The hyper intent to take offense [even where none was given], is utter bullshit…The refusal to see and recognize others as good humans who also have needs is, likewise, bullshit.

The expectation that we [who’ve busted our asses for decades, who are largely broken down and used up from it] are supposed to be the ones who jump through hoops, carrying the burden that is “you”, just because you’ve entered the mix of our culture and work force with all your anticipated special entitlements [which you’ve never earned], is complete bullshit…We are not your fucking doormats…We’ve already weathered more than our fair share of abuse, stress and thankless sprinting on the rat wheel.

I’ve been roped into taking the shifts of well more than one millennial/zed, who thought they could just call off their own shift, anytime they please…and leave the rest of our small staff scrambling to fill the hours on very short notice…generally, the day of…because they’re apparently incapable of asking to trade in advance.

…I about fell over, when one of them explained to me they “needed a mental health day”…so, they decided that they wasn’t coming in…and they got pissed off, acting like they’d been done wrong, because the manager got fed up with this behavior and fired them.

It’s like the concepts that they work with other people, who they also need to respect the needs of, plus they signed an agreement on terms for earning a paycheck, are both something they are inexplicably oblivious to.

…I’ve seen the fruits of this grotesque sense of extreme fragility and entitlement…and the above is nowhere near the worst case I’ve experienced.

I have a very low opinion of that sort of work ethic, self entitlement, grandiose sense of superiority, and social inconsideration.

On top of everything else…a lot of them behave like absolute turds, online.

Forgive me for going there, in the end…It wasn’t what I first intended…but, it feels like something related, that belongs here…and was nagging at me, when thinking about these issues…It’s just insane how many of them think “they just don’t have too”…and “everybody else has to pick up their slack”…or go without, just to dance around them.

I’m allowing my own frustrations to bubble to the surface, here…and it’s probably degrading the post…

I’m just so sick and tired of these young, manipulative pricks…who imagine they’ve arrived on the scene to “set the rest of us wrong people straight”…

…When in reality, they are absolutely nothing other than the same old social repression and abuse, that so many of us have spent our lives fighting against.

They’re just another wave, of the same old fucked up bullshit…always there, to drag us down and halt actual good things from happening.


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