Sinema BUSTED Taking DeVos Pyramid Scheme Money…

Date: November 10, 2021

01) LINK

“They’ve been derided as spruced up pyramid schemes: Companies that incentivize their own customers to become salespeople for products. Now, these so-called multilevel marketing businesses are flexing their political muscle. And they’re turning to one lawmaker in particular to protect their agenda: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.


While a lot of these businesses do stoop into sleazy behaviors…it’s important to keep in mind, that not all are known for being scum bags.

Avon has this sort of thing, too…that’s what “the Avon lady” is all about…Thing is, they expect individual sellers to have a normal pool of just customers…they don’t expect every customer to become another seller.

This sort of thing can be done ethically…Problem is, many of them don’t behave ethically.


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