Disney Has an Ironheart Problem…


Date: November 17, 2021

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“Ironheart is coming to Disney Plus, and it might wind up being a big headache for Disney. It turns out that Ironheart shares its name with a Japanese ‘adult film’ parody of Iron Man, and that the Japanese Ironheart movie predates Riri Williams’ introduction in the comic books by a few years. Does Marvel REALLY want its strong POC female character associated with… something so problematic?”

They’re right, you know…

Disney is the reason, why YouTube censorship and hostility towards its native culture is completely off the charts.

YouTubes native culture largely has never even wanted Disney around…at all…And yet, Disney used its massive wealth to move in, take over…and kick out the native culture…or at the very least, obscenely shit all over the YouTube native culture.

There is a lot of deserved anger towards Disney, these days.

Their behavior these last several years, has been destroying competition, by stealing “the common mans” platform away from them…and shoving their own content in front of you, on the exact same platform they’ve alienated you from.


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