John Cleese blacklists himself from Cambridge Uni event ‘in protest’…

Date: November 18, 2021

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“Fawlty Towers and Monty Python star John Cleese has pulled out of a Cambridge University event and blacklisted himself “in protest” over his Hitler impersonation, according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

Mr Cleese cancelled a speech to the Cambridge Union after hearing another speaker had been blacklisted by the student club for doing a Hitler impression.

Mr Bolt said the art critic, Andrew Graham-Dixon, had done the impression during a presentation “damning Adolf Hitler for banning what Hitler had called decadent art”.

“Now John Cleese has said, well put me on that list too, in protest, because … John Cleese has also pretended to be a Nazi in one of the most famous episodes of Fawlty Towers.”

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham.

“The easiest way for humanity to ever repeat the evil of the Third Reich is to forget that it ever existed,” Mr Latham said.

“So a reminder of the evils of Adolf Hitler, in comedy or serious format, I think is a useful service to our civilization.”


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