“Upgrade to Windows 11 is Ready For Your PC”…

Well, hell…

It seems I can stay on Windows 10 for now…and Covid BS and all, there’s more than just me staying home today…and internet bandwidth being fought over, doesn’t make for a very prompt download, of what is sure to be a very large file…packet?…

It’s late, so I’m not going to do this right now…

Maybe I should stick with the bastard I know, for now…I really don’t want to leap into the unknown.

…And I’m saying this in the immediate aftermath, of my PC having a desktop/browser freezing fit.

Jesus, I hate those bastards…

They created a messed up OS, freaked out…opened up the hood, and butchered it on the inside…and now it’s a piece of shit.

I don’t want a new OS…I just want to go back to what I had prior to November 2020.

Original Post:

Considering the fact that Microsoft has been saying fuck all [aka, nothing at all] about getting Windows 10 back into proper functioning order, or giving us any time line at all…and given that Windows 11 was on the short horizon…I’ve been quietly suspecting that these sons of bitches have been planning to abandon Windows 10, their “solution” to this critically broken OS merely being to walk away from it…and forcing those of us suffering with Windows 10 to download and install Windows 11.

I almost went to their “help” forum, and directly posed this suspicion as a question…but I was so demoralized after last weeks update, and all the bullshit it took for this PC to become stable, once more, yet again…that I was in a “I don’t want to see, hear, smell or know you fuckers right now”, state of mind.

Part of me thought I was being kind of cynical, to imagine that they were just going to force a Windows 11 install [I refuse to call their software “upgrades”, anymore] onto me…but here we are…that little icon is on my task bar…the little button is blue, instead of orange…doing a little clicking and researching, the next “Windows 10 Update” IS installing Windows 11…

I see no way to abort this…and I’ve spent the past few days cussing out Microsoft, and backing up as much of my important files as I can remember to back up…

I’m about ready to click the icon, and let this poor PC which has traversed this year long journey of Windows 10 Hell, close everything down…and do what it needs to do to migrate to Windows 11…an OS I don’t even want…and for which I am pissed off, because I know it’s substantially different from Windows 10, and I’m being forced to relearn a new OS…Plus, I don’t know what’s going to happen with the many links on my taskbar…or my desktop…I have this PC set up how I want it…and I don’t know how much of this is being thrown straight out the window.

…If any of my software is rendered “incompatible”…I am going to be seething…And, total disclaimer here [I’m not going to actually do this]…but if the aftermath of this fucks up anything whatsoever that I have been using this PC for the past couple of years…I will be beyond ready to take a trip to Microsoft headquarters, and start randomly murdering those mother fuckers.

These bastards have not been poking the angry bear with a stick…Oh No!…They’ve been clubbing me over the head with a whole fucking tree branch, every mother fucking month for the past year.

I hate your guts, Microsoft…and hope you burn to the ground.

To those who’ve advised me repeatedly on migrating to Linux, or some other OS…I’ve genuinely appreciated you…I’m older…in poor health…if I were younger, I’d probably have jumped at this…but I’m at that stage in life where I just want to focus on my online projects…I’ve been through so many PC/OS migrations as it is…and I loath the process…I don’t want to abandon my current software [which I’m familiar with], and have to learn new software. I’ve also always been a little paranoid about screwing up my PC…So, even though I’ve saved links and even downloaded a thing or two…I’ve never followed through with installing and setting this stuff up.

It’s me, of course…not you. Maybe some day I still will…but I’m kind of doubting it.

Well…I’m posting now…then I’m setting this PC off to the side…letting it do it’s thing, and hoping that things go okay…and when it comes back, there aren’t a bunch of things that wont work anymore…or that I wont be logged out of all of my accounts, and have to go through that insane horse shit just to be able to access my dozens of accounts…

If I was at least getting a shiny new PC to go along with all of this, that might be a silver lining…But, no…

Fuck You! Microsoft!

I expect to see everyone on the other side of this…whatever the hell it’s going to be.

– Steve

4 thoughts on ““Upgrade to Windows 11 is Ready For Your PC”…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’ve watched a video or two…It does look nice, yes…but it also is missing some features…and from what I’ve seen, it’s considerably different.

      Over time, I find and put links in my task bar to all sorts of stuff…including PC Meta type stuff [device manager, etc, etc.]…With this, I’m starting all over again…and I’m not onboard for that.

      1. Nada

        New LTSC version out this year: 21H2. This enables staying on Windows 10 for years (5?) and avoiding feature updates. Test in a VM, then upgrade in place?

      2. Yure

        The considerably different interface reminds me of when Ubuntu switched from GNOME to Unity, back in 11.04. So many people hated it. Because the interface was completely different.

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