Mobile Gamers are the WORST…


Date: November 21, 2021

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“Mobile RPG gamers are the most toxic, according to a recent study. They’re worse than console or PC gamers. Speaking of toxic, we then talk about Activision Blizzard losing more support. You guys all have phones, right?”

Since I see my response to Daniel Kintigh in the comments section is only showing up while in the account I posted it in…forgive my tendancy to be a broken record…but, here it is…I bothered to type it…I wanted it seen.

“they ignore all the toxicity on twitter because most of it is on their side”

Twitter has terminal rot in it’s very foundation. Some of the very people charged with overseeing the platform are identity politic “activists”, who have no hesitation over targeting, censoring and driving people off the platform, on the grounds that they simply don’t like them (aka, they’re nasty bigots and they don’t want you there).

If they don’t like you yet you’ve been on the platform for years in full compliance with their TOS, they will literally create a new policy (no matter how absurd) explicitly so they have something to use against you, and proceed to inflict a penalty of outright grotesque overreaction (even if you’ve literally never been in trouble on the platform before).

I’ve personally experienced this fate after a decade in good standing on Twitter, and witnessed it inflicted upon numerous others, and I’m a downright pleasant sweetheart. I just believe firmly, that sound and accurate communication and research are important and vital, even and especially concerning socially controversial topics. Abusive hordes with a Twitter stooge in their pocket came along to infiltrate our hashtags, pick a fight while violating Twitters TOS habitually, just to create the illusion that people like myself were “a problem”, get a new policy put into place and ultimately run us off the platform in the dirtiest way possible. I personally spent my last year on the platform reporting these people, and many of them had their accounts suspended or terminated for what they were doing. It was a ruthless onslaught. They wouldn’t leave us alone.

Then one day I found my own account suspended, with nearly every function shut down and stripped away. Twitter refused to discuss anything with me, refused to allow me any opportunity to rectify whatever violation I supposedly committed, and refused to remove the suspension on my account. All this in response to my first alleged “violation” ever, in over ten years. A decade plus of positive, productive activity on their platform meant nothing to them. I had over 1,500 followers, and numerous lists cultivated for a wide range of projects on many social issues. A lot of people genuinely respected and wanted what I was doing on the platform. My account was maliciously assassinated not because of anything I did, but because of who I am, and immutable biological traits I possess. They wanted me gone, because I’m inconvenient, and hate filled bigots run the platform.

The whole situation is just dirty and sleazy, unhinged naked censorship and abuse. Members of the Twitter admin are part of the abusive hordes. There is no disciplinary action taken against these underhanded stooges. This is just how things are allowed to exist on Twitter.

What makes things even worse, is that a lot of these same people throw their weight around, trying to inhibit would be competitors in the micro blog arena. They won’t let you be on their platform, yet they try to destroy the alternatives.

It’s hard to believe how much persecution gets inflicted upon you, when you’ve spent your life trying to be a communicator, a peacemaker and a healer.

I’m convinced Twitter does not want communication, peace or healing. In fact, I now consider Twitter to be a threat to both the internet, and society at large. There’s a lot of messed up stuff, hosted and condoned on that platform.


1 thought on “Mobile Gamers are the WORST…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    It seems really clear that some shithead at YouTube has taken it upon themselves to start screwing around with my accounts…My comment account is clearly shadow banned…for absolutely no reason, other than an administrator is an asshole who wants to impose censorship onto me.

    Was my comment above censorship worthy?

    Once again…the truth is censored on YouTube…

    …Is this the only way these big tech companies can “defend” themselves and their own actions?…simply inhibit people from talking about their own corruption?


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