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Why so many Critics want to see GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE fail!…


Date: November 22, 2021

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“Ghostbusters Afterlife is upon us, and by all indications, it is going to be a crowd pleaser. While audience word of mouth has been stellar, reviews from professional critics have been a bit more mixed, with some seemingly review bombing the movie for dismissing Paul Feig’s 2016 remake, and for catering to the built in fans. It would appear that to some, the Ghostbusters hits a nerve.
@AndreEinherjar will begin this editorial by recapping how Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters remake became a cultural touchstone in 2016, and why its failure caused a residual bias against any other Ghostbusters iteration; and finally, what to do about it.”

Midnight’s Edge points out something I’ve not considered previously…mainly because I’m not deeply familiar with movies directed by Paul Feig.

It seems he has a formula and pattern…creating a sort of female lead pun on existing franchises…This makes things make sense more…because 2016 was full on comedy…where as, the original Ghostbusters was multi genre, and didn’t really fit into a single category…Afterlife is following in the footsteps of the original movie…which is why it feels much more connected…plus there’s the homage to Harold Ramis…which is great, here…It gives the movie a lot of weight.

I remember when one of the actors from 2016 was talking about how they’d grafted Harold’s face onto a ghost, as a nod towards him…which sounded interesting…but it just came off weird, in the actual movie…I was anticipating something a bit more in line with what happened in Afterlife…I went into the theater expecting to recognize Harold as a ghost…but I didn’t realize when I was actually seeing it…because, again…it was just so darn bizarre.

How do you parody something like the original Ghostbusters, and make it work?…especially when people are largely fed up with reboots?

While I felt on it’s own right 2016 was a good movie…I can now see why it didn’t quite mesh with the original movie…or with Afterlife.

I cannot believe so many people seriously turned Ghostbusters 2016 into a political fight…That was just embarassing. A lot of BS, and nasty people behind said BS, really dragged Ghostbusters 2016 down…in ways it really didn’t deserve.

Take that how you will…I think there were villians on both sides…and the whole fight was just stupid.

It’s amazing that sour grapes seem to still be around…and aimed at Afterlife, right now.

Pathetic, honestly.


Record breaking space jump – free fall faster than speed of sound – Red Bull Stratos…


Date: November 22, 2021

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“Watch the record breaking space jump from 24.2 miles(38.9 km) above the surface of earth by ‘Felix Baumgartner’.

The video features the recording from the on-board camera, giving a true and absolute experience of the jump.

It also features a free fall which breaks the sound barrier (speed of sound) at 846 miles/hr or 1361.5 km/hr without the use of any heavy machinery.”




One day, the subway watchman asked me what philosophy is. This type of question tends to embarrass everyone, including philosophers. Fortunately, I have an answer ready to satisfy the uninitiated: philosophy is the rational study of things that science does not study. I say this because both philosophy and science are means of rationally seeking the truth, but they are different ways of doing so. The definition I use necessarily follows from this. If it’s rational, but not science, it’s philosophy. The watchman was satisfied. Then I gave examples of things that philosophy studies but science does not: metaphysics, logic, epistemology, theory of knowledge, ethics, aesthetics, art and politics. Of course I didn’t use these names (I said “God”, “good and evil”, “pleasure and pain”, among others). And this text is about one of these objects of philosophy: ethics.

Ethics is the part of philosophy concerned with right individual action…

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