Date: November 26, 2021

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If we want dignified sustainability, and for our civilization not to collapse…we will need a bare minimum of universal price caps, universal basic income [in line with those price caps], universal health services, universal feeding services, universal clothing, hygiene and shelter…and access to transportation.

If the base economy wont provide even so much as the stable opportunity to attain the basics for sustainability…then we flatly have no civilization…and it’s nothing but a “dog eat dog” free for all.

This is why my views have changed so radically over the years, regarding social structure and the economy…They’ve been decimating the “have nots” for decades…and there appears to be no end in sight, if they have their way about it.

Eventually…there’s just going to be no place for people like us to go…Being born poor and living poor, will be some kind of societal “crime”…for which you will perpetually be punished and ostrasized.

…They’ll have us living out in the elements, like non human animals…and for what?…the “joy” in the cruelty of it all?…the power trip, in lording over other humans and making them suffer?…

Things have never needed to be how they currently are…and the way they are, is insanely stupid.

We’re all expected to live chasing after greed and excess…when anyone can see, wealth will be denied to the overwhelming majority of the masses…Hell…even just basic, dignified life is being denied to the overwhelming majority of the masses.

…Who benefits in all of this?…Who “wins”?…and what the fuck is this supposed “winning”?

When all is said and done…the people who “won” by consolidating the national wealth, will only be seen as monsters who ravaged the masses.

Without the masses there to purchase products and services…there is no larger economy…and poor people don’t buy a lot of products and services…The wealthy and their businesses will collapse, when there is no longer a market there to support them.

There is no sense in allowing things to be this way…It’s all a suicide path.


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