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POLL: Hispanics HATE Being Called ‘Latinx’ By Dems…

Date: December 07, 2021

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“Krystal and Saagar review the comprehensive polling data showing that hispanic voters are turned off by the term ‘latinx’ that has been introduced by activists to Democratic party politics”

I’ve never herd the term “latinx” before.

Sounds like just another example of outsiders trying to force words, terms and definitions onto others.

Yes…the people being imposed upon do tend to get very annoyed…angry even, when these words, terms and definitions injure them.


Bob Iger out of Disney for good; Chapek & Susan Arnold controls the future of Star Wars and Marvel…


Date: December 07, 2021

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“The Bob Iger era of Disney is at an end. On December 31 of 2021, he will step down as Chairman of Disney’s Board, the position he has held since Bob Chapek succeeded him as CEO; and leave Disney for good.

Susan Arnold is lined up to replace him, meaning she will effectively be Bob Chapek’s new boss.

That leaves the question, what kind of boss will she be to Chapek? Will the two clash, like Iger and Chapek did, or could the two be aligned around a common cause? Only time will tell for certain, but based on the information available, we can none the less provide some informed speculation.

To assist in that, we reached out to someone who knows and understands corporate politics in general as well as the particularities of Disney’s politics; namely writer and producer Kamran Pasha.

In this video, we will begin by briefly going through who Disney’s new Chairman is and how she rose to power within the company, before providing some analysis on what kind of relationship she might have with Bob Chapek, and how the two of them might influence not just Disney, but Hollywood at large going forward.”