2 thoughts on ““Report Search Predictions”?…

  1. Yure

    I find it kind of coherent to what they have been doing. Because, if lewd predictions come up, that’s because a lot of people searching for what the user just searched also searched that prediction. Reporting it will cause the team to look those terms up and see if the search returns something inappropriate. So, users have one more channel to help the admins to clean up the site.

    I don’t like the feature, but I think that’s the reason why.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I suspect it’s also there to ban certain searches, and hence further impose censorship.

      I should try a search on a few of my own videos [IBLD etc], and see if they come up on a search…but then, I keep them unlisted…so…I don’t know.

      They’re actively shadow banning my commenting account…I’d be surprised if they couldn’t do the same in searches with my videos.

      Of course…this concern isn’t about “me”, exactly…but…it’s just so gross and obscene, watching YouTube aggressively censor content.

      YouTube and Google have a long history of being evil, in this way.


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