How the Radical Left Has Inflamed Mental Illness, Addiction and Homelessness…


Date: December 27, 2021

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“Michael Shellenberger is a journalist and author of San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities. He is also the Founder and President of Environmental Progress, an independent and nonprofit research organization based in Berkeley, California. He advises policymakers around the world and has writings and TED talks viewed over 5 million times.”

The issue I take with rejecting Michel Foucault, is that “mental illness” is the vehicle through which social oppression and abuses have often been dealt, historically and in the modern day…You get in the way of someone powerful, or “the majority”…they strip you of your rights and lock you up “for the good of society, and your own safety”…true mental health be damned.

There absolutely are socially unpopular or awkward things, which get passed off as mental illness…when there is no solid ground to stand on, in the argument that something is the product of mental illness.

As someone who’s lived his life having his own sexual orientation dismissed as a “mental illness”…you better believe I have a very strong insight and opinion on this…I’m someone who lives at the edge of that blade…right here…right now.

“Mental illness” is a literal weapon against many in this world.

As to “religion being a comfort”…that is a very tall claim…and not one I would at all make.

Religions often reject and torment many…I can guarantee you…as a homosexual, I did not find the religion I grew up in comforting…Quite the contrary…it was deeply scarring…I could barely wait to get out of it…and it was wonderful to be rid of it.

No…”atheists” are not “trying to make a new religion”…nor “replacing god”.


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