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GWL Sunday Massacre – January 02, 2022…


Date: January 02, 2022

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Match 1: Broses VS Eddie Van Halen – 78%

Match 2: Sebastian Oliver VS Atreyu – 65%

Main Event: Cage Match

Match 3: Sin Thea & Les Human VS Steve Diamond & Chad Diamond – 77%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Eddie Van Halen Loss: Broses
Win: Atreyu Loss: Sebastian Oliver
Main Event Match: Steve Diamond & Chad Diamond Defeat Sin Thea & Les Human

Show Referee: Mother Superior

Location: Lost City

In an emotional interview, Steve Diamond told how after his tag team loss to Sin Thea and Les Human, he was dragged away…and the three of them fell through a worm hole in the utility closet…They spent twenty years in an alternate universe, where Sin Thea kept him chained up, and fulfilled her every pleasure on him…including of the carnal nature…resulting in a child…She little more than squirted their son out into the world, before declairing him “Slave #3″…

Now that we have won our freedom…We will get justice!

“Slave #3” said “That wicked creature IS NOT my mother!”…and took the name “Chad Diamond”.


BEST RANKED MATCH: Broses VS Eddie Van Halen – 78%

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DC Comics is Screwed! Zack Snyder DCEU Getting ERASED?!…


Date: January 02, 2022

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“The DCEU might be getting a hard reboot, with the Snyderverse being all but erased in The Flash. Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are out, and Supergirl and Batgirl are rumored to take over leading the all new Justice League according to Grace Randolph. The backlash has been SEVERE. Meanwhile, DC Comics is literally shafting Superman.”

…I mean…it is more of a train wreck at this point in time, than anything…

Honestly…I just don’t care anymore what they do with the DCEU…

Though it is kind of a shame, given the positive reception of Snyder Cut Justice League, that they’re just going to walk away from it…I found that to be something of a rebound.


Inspiration for “Duty to Rescue” Laws – David Cash (Bad Samaritan) Case Analysis…


Date: January 02, 2022

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“This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of David Cash, who is also known as the “Bad Samaritan?”

That’s fucked up…

…I think I remember this case…I don’t know how that guy can live with himself.

At the same time…is this something you can justify punishing a person for?

This an extreme case, for sure…and that guy is a piece of shit…but where is the line, in creating laws that force some sort of action?