A Piece of History: Phillip Greaves II…


Date: January 03, 2022


What happens when your very speech gets criminalized.

If you cannot speak, you cannot change what is so clearly wrong.

The day when I believed this sort of thing could never happen in the USA, is long gone from my life.

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3 thoughts on “A Piece of History: Phillip Greaves II…

  1. GK

    I remember this case. The ACLU has totally abdicated its role in preserving freedom of speech. They only throw up a few soft empty gestures when the liberal side of things objects to speech since that is where the bulk of their funding comes from and the right has never really been a free speech group. Think porn bans and the like.

    Check out the case from a bit over a year ago about Thomas Arthur and his website Mrdouble.com. The feds busted him for child porn, despite there being only written content on the site. He was convicted of production and distribution of child porn for the written word and the ACLU said nothing. I tried contacting them about this case and the only person I could even talk to just chuckled and told me they weren’t aware of the case and he hung up on me. We are on a very slippery slope and the ACLU is silent and I don’t see anyone else picking up the banner of freedom. Instead, the progressives are the ones eagerly championing the shutting down of speech they find “offensive”.

    Maybe MAPs need to start funding their own attorney’s who will once again fight for free speech. All it takes is one dedicated group to push back, since as far as I know, the laws are still set up to support free speech.


    1. eqfoundation Post author

      The last relevant thing the ACLU did for MAPs, was defend NAMBLA in the Curley V NAMBLA case…

      …And a lot of us were shocked that the ACLU finally got off it’s utterly worthless ass, and actually did something.

      The ACLU is a sick, sick, sick joke…They are imposters…a “front” group, to pacify the masses.

      I could get behind funding our own attorneys and legal/political organizations…though I have little personal funds to give to it.


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