4 thoughts on “Joe Rogan, Spotify CALLED OUT By Medical Experts & MDs For “False And Societally Harmful Assertions”…

  1. feinmann

    You have invited me to share what I think about this item, so here goes …

    Well done Kim Iversen for correcting Mr Grim at 6 minutes in. People are desperate to hear an alternative to the toxic 24/7/12 propaganda spewed out endlessly by the conjoined MSM/Pharma/Government monster doing its utmost to devour all of us. In excess of 50 million views for the Robert Malone JRE discussion, and 20 million views for the Peter McCullough JRE discussion quantifies that desperation.

    Clearly none of those captured medical expert signatories calling out Spotify would dare to debate Messers Malone and McCullough face to face on any one of the falacies raised in their letter, because they know they would lose spectacularly. So their cowardly stance is political not scientific. They perceive JRE’s ability to reach such a huge audience as a real threat to toppling the dominant narrative that has held sway since November 2019.

    Steve Kirsch has challenged anyone to an on-camera, face-to-face debate, who disagrees with him regarding his claim that Covid vaccines have killed around 200,000 Americans. No-one has accepted that challenge, even though he has offered a million dollars to the challenger to debate: https://www.nutritruth.org/single-post/1-million-challenge-have-covid-vaccines-killed-~200-000-americans

    Grim’s faery-tale whinging that JRE does not support such debates is more ill-researched media lies; I recall Sanjay Gupta being crucified by Joe Rogan on Gupta MSM-lying and disinformation-spreading on the subject of Ivermectin for example.

    Meanwhile, excess mortality in the US continues to climb, and MSM continues to fail to report it. Life insurance eaths in Indiana for ages 18-64 are up 40%, would on the face of it be rather newsworthy I would have thought, but no, all you hear is crickets: https://www.thedesertreview.com/opinion/columnists/life-insurance-deaths-up-40—dr-robert-malone-s-chilling-analysis/article_d24bccac-6f38-11ec-912f-1f6d8fc5fac4.html

    Good to see you are including a few not-the-dominant narrative items Steve. About time too. Kim Iversen seems to get it for sure.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you for this, feinmann.

      “Good to see you are including a few not-the-dominant narrative items Steve. About time too. Kim Iversen seems to get it for sure.”

      I aim to please. 🙂

      I know you’ve been under the impression that I’ve been too middle of the road on this subject…but I have been sharing content from various viewpoints…Some of it has been Jimmy Dore, or even Dr. Campbell…So, you might have been inclined to skip over it.

      Mostly, I’ve been sharing content from sources I’m already familiar with, that’s been ending up in my in my recommendations.

      It’s never been an intention of mine to tilt this one way or the other [on this blog]…More to do what I normally do, with topics I’m no expert in…Listen, learn, contemplate, and mostly keep my own voice reserved.

      I think a lot of people are talking…but they don’t all honestly understand what they’re talking about.

      I’m not directing that at the people you cite…I’m just saying, in the general population…A lot of people are working themselves up…Critical thought seems to be going out the window…on most fronts.

      1. feinmann

        It is understandable that the majority of folk go along with the Covid narrative because ALL alternative views questioning that narrative have been overwhelmingly suppressed by MSM at the behest of governments, health agencies and pharmaceutical companies underpinned by financial inducements to do so. You too Steve have failed for the most part to comment on the elephant in the room whilst I have tried to do so, and that is completely understandable.

        Now it looks as if the Covid narrative is crumbling before our very eyes. The crumbling process will be very impressive to witness over coming months.

        In Denmark: A Danish tabloid outlet Ekstra Bladet has apologised to the whole of Denmark. “We failed” is the very headline used which goes on to admit: “For ALMOST two years, we – the press and the population – have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities’ daily coronavirus figures.” The newspaper also acknowledged that it had been found wanting on the important issue of parsing numbers of people who died with COVID not from COVID: https://yournews.com/2022/01/13/2281615/danish-newspaper-apologizes-for-hypnotically-following-government-narrative-on-covid/

        I have mentioned this before, but is worth mentioning again. In the UK, a complaint has been filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at the Hague on December 6th, 2021 by a team from the UK on behalf of the people: https://hannahroselaw.co.uk/icc-complaint-uk/

        Complaint update (January 16th, 2022): UK Team Complaint of Crimes Against Humanity Filed With The International Criminal Court: https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/01/18/update-on-criminal-case-%e2%80%8bfrom-mark-sexton-16th-january-2022/

        The Crimes Cited :
        1, misfeasance in public office
        2, misconduct in public office
        3, conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm
        4, conspiracy to administer a poisonous and noxious substance to cause serious harm and death
        5, gross negligence manslaughter
        6, corporate manslaughter
        7, corruption
        8, fraud
        9, blackmail
        10, murder
        11, conspiracy to commit murder
        12, terrorism
        13, genocide
        14, torture
        15, crimes against humanity
        16, false imprisonment
        17, multiple breaches of our human rights
        18, war crimes
        19, multiple breaches of The Nuremberg Code 1947
        20, multiple breaches of The Human Rights Act 1998
        (Treason will also be added).

        You’d think the December 6th snippet would be newsworthy, but nope, MSM have successfully suppressed it. However, traction is inevitable as more MSM follow Ekstra Bladet’s lead.

        Relatedly, a big march is planned to take place in Washington DC this Sunday : https://defeatthemandatesdc.com/ Wish I was there, but of course I, like millions of other unvaccinated people, remain imprisoned (so far for two long years) within my home country, and am forbidden from travelling due to medical apartheid. I am surrounded by countries trying to impose vaccination on their citizens by force, so you will have to forgive me for feeling rather strongly about preserving my bodily autonomy.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        I’ll finally get your submission up soon…I have a bunch of stuff to post…Honestly, life has been crumby since before christmas…but I think I’m finally going to be getting back to working hours that are normal for me, soon…in a week or two.

        It’s more than just the censorship [which I fully recognize, and accept is happening]…I don’t “travel” in all the same circles as you, feinmann…In addition, I’ve spent this past year helping out with younger family members, in ways that are leaving me heavily sleep deprived…I’m also really burning out, in general.

        It’s a mixture of things, as to why I’m not delving deeply into what you’re discussing, or saying much about it…though I am checking out your links, when I get time.

        I’m “not here”, as much as I used to be…or want to be.

        Looks like I will also miss the march…but weren’t the mandates already struck down?…I’m certain the supreme court struck them down…I think I already posted something about that, somewhere here…or, maybe it’s waiting to be posted.

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