On Disappointing My Audience (Episode #272)…

Date: January 16, 2022

01) LINK

“In this episode, Sam discusses some of the topics he has and hasn’t covered, to the disappointment of many Making Sense listeners.

Released: January 10, 2022”

While I agree…YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc, need to be consistent in the enforcement of their terms of service, and it’s infuriating that they openly treat people vastly different…I do not agree that anyone should be automatically, or permanently, banned from a service that is otherwise fully open to the masses.

If these platforms are going to play the legal role of a publisher…then when are they going to accept all that comes with it? They should not be getting the protections that they get. Those protections come with the understanding, that they are allowing people of every race, orientation, political leaning and human experience, to participate…Why would these protections even exist, otherwise?

At the very least…anyone for whom action has been taken against, should have at least done something to warrant the consequence.

At present…these platforms will even inflict the most extreme consequence they can, based upon immutable, biological traits…and it’s disgusting and unspeakable corruption of the worst form.

I can wrap my mind around Trump or Jones being temporarily banned, for explicit certain things they actually did…But I see it as dead wrong, that these platforms provide no path to returning…They’re intentionally alienating people, cutting off a path of communication [which for many people, is their main form of public interaction], and singling people out for exclusion [even when they’ve done nothing wrong, immoral or unethical]…

These forums are not only isolating people, they’re also turning themselves into an echo chamber…and let me tell you…there are a lot of extremists still on these platforms…They’re just extremists pushing dehumanization towards socially “acceptable” targets.

These platforms intentionally harbor content, which is supposed to be against their terms of service…Yet they’ll banish some people based upon pure prejudice.


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