Why Koko (Probably) Couldn’t Talk (Sorry)…


Date: January 16, 2022

01) LINK

“Just as Koko the Gorilla fooled the world into thinking she could sign, I fooled my subscribers into thinking this was a gaming channel

(No but seriously I am working on the Black Mesa video and general shitposting it’s just taking a while and I wanted to put something out that I already had a lotta notes and footage for in the interim. Games are hard. Please be patient!)

0:00 – Preamble
0:45 – MS Paint Intro (I’m learning to animate its hard please be kind)
1:36 – So. I talk to my cat…
5:33 – Water Bird
9:36 – Koko
14:07 – Things Fall Apart
25:42 – The Other Side of Silence
34:41 – Amuse and Abused (CW: Animal Abuse)
43:57 – …One Learns At All Costs
48:27 – Credits

References in Video”


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