I took a Christian class about atheism. It was worse than I expected…


Date: January 23, 2022

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“Stand to Reason University, a Christian apologetics organization, just released the course “Atheism: Bumping Into Reality,” and I decided to take it. The class instructor, Greg Koukl, taught several misconceptions about atheists like “Atheists believe everything came from nothing,” “atheists can’t explain morality,” and “atheism leads to hopelessness and despair.” He also argued for God’s existence using the Kalam cosmological argument, an argument from morality, and an argument involving the soul.

Commiserate with me as I take on STRU’s claims!”

Yes…we often do expect more out of these efforts when we enter into them…yet end up sorely disappointed, that there is nothing new…no substantive challenge to rise to.

In these kinds of situations…it’s important to be able to recognize when someone is trying to collect other humans, in order to bolster their own assertions. It’s important to realize, that not everyone is at peace with their own claimed position, nor with not knowing what the answer is.

A Gem of Wisdom

“A wise man understands how much he does not know.”

This is so true…and it’s among the reasons why those who try to shoehorn an unsubstantiated answer, while aggressively trying to push other people to accept the same answer, are looked upon as foolish…perhaps even bullies.

Accept that we do not presently have definitive answers, for countless questions…and some questions, we may never be able to answer.

This is okay…For as long as we’ve been around, we’ve lived like this…It’s how things naturally are.

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