The CES 2022 robot show in the U.S…


Date: January 23, 2022

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“You’re on the PRO Robots channel and in this episode, cool robots and incredible gadgets at the CES 2022 robot and technology show. The most comprehensive review yet!
The Consumer Electronics Show 2022 shocked as always with incredible technology, gadgets and robots. The goal of CES: to look at the future of technology, so this is where you can see what will become mainstream in a couple of years: chameleon cars from BMW, incredible robots from LG, Samsung and startups from around the world, realistic humanoids, new robots, smart robots, hi tech trends, new technologies 2022, quadcopters for video, mobile platforms and gadgets for health and fitness, and much more! Like it and write in the comments, which gadget did you like best?

00:00 Exhibition Announcement
0:20 Mojo Vision smart lenses
0:57 Second generation TCL glasses
1:30 Robots. robo auto and meta-universe Hyundai with Boston Dynamics robots
3:30 New Skydio 2+ drone
4:19 Robot masseur
4:54 BMW chameleon crossover
5:34 Robots as humans Engineered Arts
6:48 Most useful household robot
7:24 LG robots
8:25 Dream robot vacuum cleaner
8:56 Portable mini tattoo printer
9:13 Gadget for brushing teeth Y-Brush
9:37 Bob the Mini Dishwasher
10:07 Samsung robots
11:02 Innovative collaborative robot
12:07 Selfie drone
12:37 Interactive time machine
13:11 Humanoid robot beomni 1.0
13:30 TuSimple unmanned truck
14:04 Ottobot robot couriers
14:40 iSyncWave smart helmet
15:04 Owo’s smart VR clothing
15:39 Sierra Space Project
15:56 Therapeutic dog robot
16:06 Movano Ring smart ring
16:34 Home robot bartender”


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