The leftist push for pedophilia acceptance (from Livestream Q&A #114)…


Date: February 20, 2022

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“Bullying into accepting pedophiles”?…

…Wow, Bret…Wow, Heather…That is way missing the mark…Holy shit, you have no idea how bad of a misunderstanding that is.

MAPs are the ones weathering insane amounts of bullying, abuse and dehumanization…It’s everywhere…MAPs live their entire lives, from childhood, submerged in it.

We are not bullying people into accepting us…We’re simply making ourselves available out in public, and for research purposes.

Those with a little bit of compassion and humanity, can see us for the decent human beings we are…They understand this is a brutal, isolated life to live…and they refrain from inflicting more unjust abuses upon us.

People who live a decent life deserve to be treated decently…What is so hard about this concept?

As to the opinion piece linked…”On the Push to De-Stigmatize Evil Why Pedophilia Must Never be Normalized”…That can be dismissed immediately upon seeing it’s title, alone.

It begins with pure dehumanization, the likes of which you’d expect against racial and sexual minorities, during Nazi Germany.

No, thank you…That person is simply attacking, without understanding.

Things are going to change…You don’t get to keep us as your bogeymen and scapegoat.

If you didn’t want to see us organize and mobilize like we do today, you should have recognized when things had gone way too far, decades ago…

…Many of us have risen up, because we are done being kicked, punched, spat upon and psychologically raped by the cultures we are forced to exist in.

…”Evil”?!…Look in the fucking mirror.

…I’ve witnessed and experienced a whole lot of pure evil, coming out of waves and waves of you so called “good people”.

…The only “sin” of a MAP, is being born and existing.

…The sins of society are legion.

Countless MAPs are good, decent people…and you have no right, attempting to strip them of this, of their humanity, of their human rights, or of their dignity.

It never ceases to amaze me, how petty, vicious and full of itself society is…MAPs, the only people stepping forward, doing the most critical, heroic and internally terrifying work towards making real progress in ending child abuse, are demonized all the more severe for having bothered to lay themselves on the line like this.

People trash talking MAPs don’t hold a candle, to the good we will be, and have been, doing in this world.

For those who don’t understand this…Pedophilia is an attraction…It’s a biological function…It’s a state of mere existence…It’s not, by definition, an outwardly expressed activity.

Being a pedophile, or other form of MAP, does not imply that you have raped or abused anyone.

Some fraction of abusers are pedophiles, hebephiles or ephebophiles, as well as teliophiles and gerontophiles…being a pedophile, hebephile, ephebophile, teliophile or gerontophile, does not make you an abuser. It simply means you have certain character traits, concerning how you are sexually oriented.

What says everything about the quality of the individual, is how they conduct themselves in their given circumstances.

That is how people should be judged.

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…

Have no doubt, that Child Love and Teen Love are a pure form of love…genuine and worthy of defense, no matter what some may say about it…


8 thoughts on “The leftist push for pedophilia acceptance (from Livestream Q&A #114)…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Me Too!

      We are getting growing attention…I honestly hope Bret and Heather are fair…though, that video graphic [a child in the dark, in suggested danger] is pure, “poisoning the well” propaganda…an old, lowly tactic, common among smear articles.

      Heather also claimed that Minor Attracted Person is “a euphemism”, I believe was her chosen wording…

      Both of these rightly demand a response, from the MAP community.

  1. Johnny Dog

    That MAPism is being recognized as something seriously considered by society is a wonderful testament to the success of MAPtivism. Congratulations to all those individuals who have been keeping up the fight for so long.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I echo your words and sentiment, Johnny Dog! 🙂

      While I hope that nothing I offered here comes off as over the top, I do think that some of what is seen here demands a response.

      You are correct…It is a positive thing, that we are being recognized more and more.

      The fight to have the fight may be coming to an end, sooner than we imagine.

  2. feinmann

    Added to your Submit Content last week.

    As Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying are evolutionary biologists, one might have thought that they’d be familiar with the existence, frequency and normalcy of paedophilia across the animal kingdom.

    Perhaps they feel that there is a wide chasm between beasts and humans as decreed in The Book Of Genesis, and that paedophilia – as a prime example of a behavioural trait present in beasts but not in humans – exemplifies the unbridgeability of such a chasm.

    Or perhaps they are fully aware that paedophilia is a constant and widespread animal (humans included) behavioural trait, but dare not discuss it in an open, honest and scientific way, for fear of upsetting and losing a huge chunk of their online support.

    Heather suggests at the outset, Darkhorse “will be coming back to this a fair bit”, so I will be keen to listen to what they have to say in due course. I will be saddened if they don “woke” mantles whenever the topic is discussed, particularly as I have been very impressed by their willingness since 2020 to push back against the tsunami of lemmings succumbing to the Covid fraud.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      My apologies, feinmann.

      I know there are a few submissions still waiting for me to check them out. That e-mail still works, if you just want to send urls and comments for posting…I’ve not shut it down, or changed it…You don’t have to do any formatting, but it’ll just show up like a normal post…no frills.

      I’m terrible at getting to the submissions.

      What got me, as I’ve commented previously, is the propagandist, “poisoning the well” video graphic, the likes of which we see in nearly every article/video media aimed at MAPs or childhood sexuality.

      I also did not like Heather claiming that MAP is a pseudonym…or whatever word she used, seemingly suggesting that it’s a false cover for something else.

      MAP is literally exactly what it represents itself to be.


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