Twitter CENSORING Ukraine War Coverage…


Date: April 12, 2022

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“Former weapons inspector and US Marine Scott Ritter recently tweeted that he believed that Ukrainian forces, and not Russians, were responsible for the civilian killings in Bucha, and by blaming Russia, American President Joe Biden was committing a war crime. Inexplicably, Twitter then suspended Ritter’s account, alleging that he had violated their restrictions against “abuse and harassment.” Ritter’s account was soon restored, but has since been suspended AGAIN for another equally benign tweet.

Jimmy speaks with Ritter about the situation in Bucha, social media censorship and the prospects for free speech in an era when lines between the government and the tech industry are increasingly blurred.”


2 thoughts on “Twitter CENSORING Ukraine War Coverage…

  1. feinmann

    Doesn’t pay to get on the wrong side of the propaganda machine. More difficult to cover up the Kramatorsk railway station attack which killed 50 civilians – the Tochka missile used was fired from a region under Ukrainian military control, and the missile type was not in the Russian inventory:

    Incidentally Steve, I have contributed several items for OLF over the past fortnight and alerted you to these by email. Do you want me to contribute or not?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      There’s a lot very not right, going on with this war…not the least, few people are reporting these things.

      I’ve made a small change to the content submission form. It’s meant to make content quotes and personal commentary a lot more obviously distinct – a problem my original set up suffered from – A lot of times, it wasn’t immediately clear where one started and the other ended, and some of the content submitted is quite large, causing a lot to go through to figure out which is which.

      I hope this will make things easier to keep up with…It’s been getting harder and harder for me, and I’ve been taking larger breaks away from blogging…For quite some time, I’ve actually been considering closing down the content submission form…but, I’ll keep it open…and yes, I do appreciate your submissions…I’m just not always up for following up on them, on the fly.


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