Happy Alice Day, 2022!…


Date: April 25, 2022

Wow!…What a whirlwind of stuff going on these days!

I don’t want to suggest there was any serious planning to this…but given how down right treacherous Twitter has been towards MAPs these last few years, I find it wonderful that the day they announce they’re selling to Elon Musk [the day their resistance is crushed!], is Alice Day…a MAP holiday…

This is wonderful!

My expectations for future Twitter aren’t all that high…but I’m optimistic that sanity might actually return to Twitter…and MAPs might freely exist there, once more.

It’s about time Twitter took this critical correction in course…and there is no better day than Alice Day [or IBLD]…as it’s a powerful symbol, for righting a wrong.

I hope Alice Day was wonderful for you!


2 thoughts on “Happy Alice Day, 2022!…

  1. GK

    Happy Alice Day! I am a girl lover, although I can easily see the charms of a smooth little boy butt, so any reason to celebrate is good enough for me. We just need to get more people involved. Perhaps a Hallmark card would be appropriate.

    Always enjoy your blog.



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