Biden Gifts $33 Billion More To Defense Contractors For Ukraine…

Date: May 01, 2022

01) LINK

Dearest U.S. Government…Get your worthless, blood lusting asses behind, and into, the peace talks concerning this “war”.

…And Spend The Money On U.S. Citizens and Their Vital Resources and Needs, You Stupid Cunts!

Dearest YouTube…Why the hell do large swaths of content on your platform, no longer have their date of publication shown?!!

This has been driving me up the wall for a very long time now…I have to scroll down into the comments [if there are any], just to get some rough idea of how many days or years ago, the video was published.

Dates on videos are something I check all the damn time…but I can’t do it anymore, because the publication dates are getting conceiled, from what I can make of it.

Fucking assholes!…Fix your piece of shit website!


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