LEAKED: Supreme Court Will Overturn Abortion Rights…

Date: May 04, 2022

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Honestly…the USSP probably was outside of its legal right, to legalize abortion…as it’s not a matter of concern in the U.S. Constitution…Rationally, it is a legal matter that belongs to the states.

That’s not to say I in any way agree with what is presently happening, or what’s been happening over the last year.

…But…the states run by tyrants have played this one well…They knew the U.S. Constitution claimed no authority over this issue…and they’re taking it back to the state level.

As always…we live in political shit times…where people treat each other like trash.


5 thoughts on “LEAKED: Supreme Court Will Overturn Abortion Rights…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I believe it should be legal…that it is necessary…and that so long as it takes place before pain or consciousness takes hold, it ultimately makes no difference to the fetus.

      I believe nature aborts millions of would be humans…and us consciously adding a few more isn’t really going to make any meaningful difference.

      I believe that being aborted spares any potential life, of all the suffering and strife this life brings with it…and in many ways, this is merciful.

      I think life that is already viable and productive takes precedence…and we should focus first on improving life for people actually living.

      That being said…I’m thankful that I’m not capable of becoming pregnant…I know it’s not something anyone wants to undergo…Many who have them, actually want a child…but something is badly wrong with the fetus…and the abortion happens from a place of mercy…for any child, as much as anyone else.

      I don’t believe human life is anywhere near as “sacred”, as many people try to imply it…and it’s mostly just important to us as a species, to keep our bloodlines going…because nature makes us such that, we strive to genetically survive.

      There’s plenty enough of us reproducing, to keep our species alive.

  1. feinmann

    I see DeSantis is removing Andrew Warren (state attorney of Hillsborough County) from office. By vowing not to criminalise abortion, Warren has placed ideology above the law, and thus refused to carry out his law enforcement duties.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      We have a state AG who’s refusing to prosecute based on the 1930s [1940s?] anti abortion law…and a governor who’s on board, as well.

      I thoroughly support not enforcing bad laws…I’m happy to see this, and hope to see this issue put to the people, so we can become another state that legalizes and protects this procedure…rationally, of course.

      The states should not be interfering in private lives, like this…The state should not be serving and enforcing the desires, of the fanatical religious minority, such as they’re trying to force it to do.


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