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MSNBC Host: “Higher Gas Prices Save Ukrainian Lives!”…

Date: May 05, 2022

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“MSNBC host Ali Velshi claims he’s anti-war, but you wouldn’t know it to hear what he says about the Ukraine conflict. During a recent show Velshi insisted that Russian oil is laced with blood (unlike oil from, says, Saudi Arabia), and that Americans should be willing to pay higher prices at the pump if it means keeping money out of Vladimir Putin’s blood-soaked hands.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the various problems with Velshi’s line of thinking.”


Will the Invasion of Ukraine Lead to Nuclear War?…


Date: May 05, 2022

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“Join Dr. Ira Helfand and Dr. Michael Klare as they weigh in on the threat of nuclear war amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Learn about the historical, diplomatic, and political contexts of a potential nuclear war and the associated medical and humanitarian consequences. Find out how to get involved with the growing “Back from the Brink” movement in the United States and the larger international movement to abolish nuclear weapons. Audience Q&A is encouraged.”


STING – A Touch of Jazz…


Date: May 05, 2022

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“01: What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life 0:00

02: Moonlight 5:04

03: Windmills Of Your Mind 10:25

04: Until 14:40

05: My One And Only Love 17:47

06: Lullaby To An Anxious Child 21:24

07: I’ll Follow My Secret Heart 23:18

08: It’s A Lonesome Old Town 25:48

09: Angel Eyes 28:26

10: Shape Of My Heart (Acoustic) 32:25

11: Come Down In Time 36:43

12: You Were Meant For Me 40:25

13: Someone To Watch Over me (Live) 44:37

14: The Last Ship (Unplugged) 48:57

15: My Funny Valentine (Featuring Herbie Hancock)52:55

16: Ain’t No Sunshine (Live) 57:41”