Disney CANCELS Fred Savage! FIRED from The Wonder Years Reboot!…


Date: May 09, 2022

01) LINK

“Disney has fired Fred Savage from his gig as producer on The Wonder Years reboot, citing ‘inappropriate conduct.’ This isn’t the first time the former child star has been on the receiving end of allegations. Is there any truth to it? Disney claimed they did an investigation, but we know Hollywood has a tendency to throw actors overboard first and ask questions later.”

I remember this fairly well…The allegation is that Fred [and his older TV brother] would not stop propositioning the woman who filed the lawsuit for sex…Allegedly, they both kept trying to get her to agree to have sex with them.

Not sure if this was a genuine thing, or more of a prolonged ribbing…joshing…running joke…young males being dorky young males for a laugh…

She didn’t want to be with them, and got tired of it.

I’d have loved to have known Fred when he did The Princess Bride…or Little Monsters…Something tells me he was not bashful.


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