Suffer the Little Children Podcast – Episode 37: Scotty McMillan…


Date: May 10, 2022

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“On November 4, 2014, police responded to a trailer home in West Caln Township, Pennsylvania, where they found 3-year-old Scotty McMillan dead on a deflated air mattress, covered with cuts, bruises, and puncture wounds. Scotty’s mother and her boyfriend confessed to spending the days leading up to Scotty’s murder torturing the little boy, beating him with various homemade weapons, tying him up with electric tape, and even hanging him from his feet to beat him, ultimately to death. The trigger for this prolonged, cold-blooded attack was the tiny, defenseless child refusing to eat a piece of toast.

Worse yet, Scotty’s 6-year-old brother, who also lived in the home, was not only abused himself, but had also witnessed and been forced to participate in the torture of his little brother. Three adults were ultimately charged with various offenses related to Scotty’s death.

This is the shocking story of Scotty McMillan.”

Yes…Parents kill their own children quite violently…”Seven Every Day”…In fact, there normally is no sexual motive when children suffer this type of fate…The parent(s) or caretaker(s) are simply cold blooded murderers.

…But what is with the snarky, entirely out of place reference to “pedophiles”, when this case has absolutely nothing to do with pedophiles or pedophilia?

It really does not set right with me, when people do this sort of thing…psychologically connect cases like this with “pedophiles”…It’s not right…It’s dehumanizing…It’s propaganda…Very ugly behavior…It’s arrogant contempt.

I generally support these kinds of productions, shining light on the abuse of children…

…This sort of thing makes me sick.

Statistically speaking…these children would have been far better off [likely even advantaged] with a pedophile in their life…as opposed to the violent abusers.

It’s not common for a pedophile to be violent with a child…It’s not in their typical nature…Even if you can find outliers…they are not the norm.

Pedophiles are natural protectors of small children…That is a fact…A pedophile would have likely stepped in, and defended these children…at the very least, reported and brought in law enforcement.

I speak as a pedophile, from a place of personal experience and personal sacrifice.

I don’t believe in any of the “tenth circle of hell” nonsense…but I’m satisfied these two violent child murderers are in prison…They belong there.


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