New Rule: The Misinformation Age…


Date: May 11, 2022

01) LINK

“When we talk about misinformation, we always focus on the producers, never the consumers. But keeping you safe and sorting out the lies from the truth – that’s your job.”

Generally a great segment…but why in the hell do people have a tendency, to say things deep/late into something you’ve decided to share…which you abruptly find yourself thinking…”I really should respond to that!”?…when you had no intention of writing or recording anything additional?

I hate this…and it happens so fucking often…largely because “pedophiles” and various sexual expressions are the butt of so many jokes and prejudice.

…”Oh!…Let’s just dump in the swipe at stigmatized sexuality here, for no apparent reason!!!”…

…It’s an a-hole move…and I get sick of responding to it…especially in otherwise important media, where I had no clue it was even going to come up.


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