Vicky White’s double life revealed…


Date: May 13, 2022

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“Almost no one could have suspected that Vicky White, the longtime assistant director of corrections in Lauderdale County, Alabama, had such a secret dark side.

On Friday, April 29, she drove to the detention center, telling colleagues she was taking inmate Casey White to the courthouse for a mental evaluation. Now, they are nowhere to be found.”

Vicky White’s death ‘doesn’t surprise’ Lauderdale sheriff:

“Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton says Vicky White’s death is sad, but not a surprise.

“Knowing Vicky and what she’d be facing coming back — and more than facing the charges, facing her family and coworkers — I was just concerned that would really weigh on her and if it came down to a situation like it did today this would be the result.”

New 911 audio released of Vicky White’s final moments:

“A just-released 911 call captures the moment Vicky White fatally shot herself after the nationwide manhunt for an escaped Alabama inmate. Warning: This video may be hard to watch. Viewer discretion advised.”

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