Old Lady Reveals The SIN She Witnessed In The 1890s In Rural Maine…


Date: May 21, 2022

01) LINK

“I have posted clips from this documentary before but have been asked so many questions about it so I decided to tell the background story. Here I post the full interview. It is a strange and sad story and my documentary details the efforts my team and I made to decide if it was true. And indeed, we found evidence sufficient to conclude that it was. Rural Maine in the 1800s was a rough place to be sure. Cold weather. Puritan people. Shunning an active part of community life. To me, local journalist Nettie Mitchell was a hero and I deeply appreciated her sharing her story with me. She had held it inside for so long. And her presentation is in my view, beyond spectacular. Basically, it is the story of how “sin” was perceived in that society at that time.”


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