Republican Group That Took Down Madison Cawthorn Says Lauren Boebert Is Next…

Date: May 22, 2022

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“The group that leaked the nude video of Madison Cawthorn and helped derail his primary campaign says that they aren’t done yet, and their next target is going to be Lauren Boebert. The group claims that they have received some damaging information about Boebert that will be released soon, so get the popcorn ready because this could get really interesting. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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Well folks, the group that helped take down Madison Cawthorn in the state of North Carolina, effectively turning him into a lame duck Congressman for the rest of this year, a group called American muckrakers political action committee. Well, they came out the end of this week and they said, you know what? We’ve got a new target coming up next and it’s going to be Colorado representative Lauren Bobert. And in fact, um, David Wheeler, who’s the co-founder of this group said this, I think we’re gonna engage in that race pretty quickly. He said, he’s received quote, interesting information about the Republican fire brand, whose primary against go P state Senator Don quorum is on June 28th. The information is quote, certainly not as salacious as some of the Callthorne stuff. It deals instead with financial matters, he said declining to disclose more details. And is it, and isn’t this one of the things we have been talking about here forever, the finances, right?

Cause we know at one point the campaign was paying a dude that was based on his home address, living in shooters bar and grill, but paying him through the campaign. And he was then paying rent to them through all of that. The, the weird shell companies that they were using, Lauren bobber and her husband to pay for things through this, through here, through here to go back over this way. Totally weird stuff. Not even alleging by the way that it’s illegal. I’m just saying it’s weird. So if American muckraker, if this group that has plenty of Republicans on its advisory board, you know, they’re the ones who, by the way, leaked that nude video of Madison coauthor. And if they’re able to get their hands on that kind of stuff, just imagine what kind of financial info they have on Lauren Bobert. And like they said, they’re gonna engage pretty quickly.

I mean, after all, they’ve only got about, you know, five weeks or so until that primary, which is about how much time they spent taking down Madison Callthorne. And by God, it worked again for a Republican group. They, they seem to do some pretty quick work and it’s pretty effective, a lot more than the Lincoln project ever could have hoped to be. And for the record, David Wheeler, you know, the co-founder of it is in fact the Democrat, but most of the advisory folks are in fact Republicans on this group. That’s why I call it a Republican group, but there’s a lot to go after Lauren Bobert for, I mean, heck just the things I talked about with the finances, the weird shady stuff, right? The, the billing of the mileage that would’ve been enough mileage to drive one and a half times around the circumference of the earth during her campaign, she got reimbursed a, a $22,000. So if you do the math, that’s the mileage one and a half times around the earth. Uh, don’t actually think she drove that far, but you know, whatever there’s other investigations

Actually ongoing into some cam campaign finance discrepancies that bobber has. So maybe that’s what they’ve got information on, but let’s not also completely discount the past, right? The husband in the bowling alley exposing himself to underage girls and you know, the domestic disputes that resulted in violence, the police had to be called between Lauren and her, then boyfriend now, husband, after the bowling alley incident. There’s a lot in this woman’s history to go after here. All of which, by the way is fair game. You know, you, you’ve got some creepy stuff that has happened, you know, personal financial. And I think it’s time that the voters of Colorado start actually paying attention to these kinds of things. And that is exactly what this American muckrakers pack is hoping to do within the next five weeks.


Yes…Take her down…It would be good to be rid of her.


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