What is known of the Wayward Realms Setting…


Date: May 24, 2022

01) Google Docs

This document contains all (or nearly all) of the publicly known lore of the world of The Wayward Realms. It will continue to be updated (provided we remember to do so) until I set aside some time to get a proper wiki up and running (I’ll get around to it sooner or later). For legal reasons I will preface the document with this: This document contains some naughty imagery. This game is planned to release with an 18+/M for mature rating, and while there will be no explicit content in the game, there will be nudity, and there is nudity in this doc. Please do not read this document if you are under 18, or whatever the legal age is in your country. If you insist on reading it anyway, get a trusted adult to cover your eyes when there’s a naughty image on the screen. Thank you for reading this preface, and welcome to the world of The Wayward Realms.”


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