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T-Fold wooden home blends design & disaster-proof tech…


Date: May 25, 2022

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“After the 2009 earthquake in Central Italy left 40,000 people homeless, Nico D’Incecco and the team at A-Fold began thinking of how they could help provide quickly deployable shelters. In 2019, they released a house that unfolds in hours and provides anti-seismic security.

The wooden houses are prefabricated, loaded onto trucks for transport, and unfolded on-site in hours (adding the windows, drywall, and interior finishings takes about two weeks).

The first design was the Model A (an A-frame), but the company soon released the Model-T (for “trapezoid”) to gain more space on the second floor. There is no need for a concrete foundation since the homes can be placed on screw piles.

The homes begin around 51 (550 square feet) and can grow depending on how many modules one purchases. The only limitation is the modules need to be placed inline, so the company suggests stopping at the “villa” size of 127 square meters (1367 square feet). The units are prefabbed with a selection of cladding, roofing, and flooring.

The homes can also be folded back up and moved, as easily as they unfold, making it possible to reuse them at a new location. The hinge system construction also provides flexibility in the home during an earthquake, allowing it to “disperse the energy of earth tremors” and weather seismic phenomena.



Our Love Frontier Has 1000 Likes!…


Date: May 25, 2022

Thanks to octaevius for pushing me past this milestone.

It’s hard to gain any traction, when you’re fighting so many sources of oppression…Which is why I like to celebrate the small victories of Another Milestone.

Sheer focus and refusal to back down, will take us to a better place…

They know they cannot keep us down forever…They know we already have everything we need, to topple their tyranny…

We need to not be afraid of continuing to chop away at their crumbling, ethically bankrupt foundation, from which they assault us.

I cannot stress this enough…as I’ve seen it play out more than once…

…MAPs gain real world traction, when we are seen, heard and understood.

We are breaking through the stereotypes…And there is nothing anyone can do to stop us.

MAPs will ultimately correct these many injustices.

The world will be better off for it.


Chris Hayes Slobbers Over Disgraced “Disinformation Czar”…

Date: May 25, 2022

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“Abortive head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Orwellian “Disinformation Governance Board” Nina Jankowicz recently sat in for a fawning interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes who expressed heartfelt sympathy for the brutal online criticism Jankowicz faced from critics of this new Ministry of Truth. Jankowicz said she abhorred the online bullying and reported the death threats she received to the authorities, yet still described the harassment as “childish.”

Jimmy and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald discuss Hayes’ performance as on-air therapist to an individual who was going to head up a major new Homeland Security department.”


18 students and at least 2 adults are dead after a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas…

Date: May 25, 2022

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“18 students and a teacher are dead after a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas

UPDATE: At least 20 people, including 18 children, were killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, according to law enforcement officials. Several others, both students and adults, are being treated for injuries.

The alleged shooter was also killed, local police confirmed. It is believed that the shooter acted alone. He has been identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. Department of Public Safety officials have told KENS 5 that there are two adult fatalities, a teacher and the gunman. However, Sen. Roland Gutierrez told the Associated Press there are a total of three adult fatalities.”


…Despite children being “a precious resource, for which no extreme in protection is unwarranted”…even small and defenseless children are repeatedly being slaughtered in these school shootings…and mass shootings…

…And the politicians “so outraged and angry” over any perceived “interference with a childs natural development”, utterly refuse to do anything to protect those same children from being killed by a gun…

…as if, that does not interfere with a childs natural development.

It seems…whether this gets found or not…the answer to getting the genocidal fascists and tyrants out of the private sex lives of everyone [including children, and other oppressed minorities]…is to find something the tyrants value above the well being of children…and pit that issue against their tyranny.

I know it’s not that simple…but…holy fuck!…how many small children have fallen victim to violent, bloody murder by gun, because the people and government absolutely refuse to do anything about it?…even blockade all movement towards doing anything to stop it?

There is something deep, dark and sinister in there…

…By evidence of their own behavior…they don’t care about children…They don’t care about humans…

…They care about subjugating other people, and maintaining their own power…They care about their own greed…They care about themselves…

They care about forming and maintaining things in the way they want to see them…and if you or yours become collateral damage along the way…”Oh well!”…

Who is the real danger?

Between the honest “pervert” into boys, who maintains a blog, media channel, whatever…and the elected officials in an immediate position to do something about this…

…Who Has Habitually Left Us With A Growing Mountain Of Bloody, Small Child Corpses?

This never fucking changes…and people like myself are not the monsters here.

Texas elementary school shooter was a murder suspect:


Reality star Josh Duggar sentenced to federal prison…

Date: May 25, 2022

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“The former reality TV star was sentenced to 12.5 years in federal prison after an Arkansas jury found him guilty last December.


I’m sharing this because I’ve shared this case in the past.


Ousted Ministry Of Truth Head: Attacks Are DISINFORMATION…

Date: May 25, 2022

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“Krystal and Saagar respond to the ousted minister of truth Nina Jankowicz claim that the attacks on her and the DHS board are disinformation”

…Poor Nina…

What really bothers me…is that they tell you they will have no immediate power to inflict hands on censorship of you…that they will only coordinate among the government agencies…But they don’t tell you what those government agencies will do, that will have an impact on you…

…They also like to skirt the fact, that the U.S. government brazenly drags social media CEOs/representatives in front of them, grills and intimidates them…at the very least, implies major threats against them and their platforms…rustles up a whole lot of media noise, over potential legal action…And those platforms [Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc], tend to do a whole lot of fucked up, censoring shit against their user base, to keep the U.S. government from imposing penalties on them.

…I’m sick of this bullshit diversion tactic, of telling us “the U.S. government is not censoring us”, when the U.S. government is clearly bullying companies into censoring us…and imposing restrictions, or otherwise interfering with our ability to communicate.

We all know it’s happening…They’re just lying about who all is in on it.

Why did Nina never answer these concerns?

…She acts as though her being a few steps removed from the direct targeting, somehow absolves her as a cog in the machine.

…That’s not how it works, Nina.


(Video) Biden Clueless About When To Wear A Mask…

Date: May 25, 2022

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“We’re more than two years into the COVID pandemic and yet President Biden still seems unaware of proper masking protocols. As seen in a recent video from his visit to Japan, Biden appears to wear a mask while exiting an airplane by himself onto the tarmac, but then removes the mask as soon as he approaches other individuals waiting to greet him.

Jimmy, along with The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss the possible reasons why the President is so hapless in his approach to masking.”