Our Love Frontier Has 1000 Likes!…


Date: May 25, 2022

Thanks to octaevius for pushing me past this milestone.

It’s hard to gain any traction, when you’re fighting so many sources of oppression…Which is why I like to celebrate the small victories of Another Milestone.

Sheer focus and refusal to back down, will take us to a better place…

They know they cannot keep us down forever…They know we already have everything we need, to topple their tyranny…

We need to not be afraid of continuing to chop away at their crumbling, ethically bankrupt foundation, from which they assault us.

I cannot stress this enough…as I’ve seen it play out more than once…

…MAPs gain real world traction, when we are seen, heard and understood.

We are breaking through the stereotypes…And there is nothing anyone can do to stop us.

MAPs will ultimately correct these many injustices.

The world will be better off for it.


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