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Do demons hate dogs? Have you ever met a possessed priest? Interview w/ exorcist Fr. Vincent Lampert…


Date: May 29, 2022

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“A chat with US exorcist priest Fr. Vincent Lampert.

Topics discussed include whether demons hate dogs, if Fr. Lampert has ever encountered anyone pretending to be possessed, and whether he has ever had to deal with a possessed priest.”

Rational, Possible Explanations:

1) He’s telling the truth about something insanely few people ever see, and nobody seems able to credibly capture on video.

2) He’s lying.

3) He cannot distinguish something he’s dreamed from reality.

4) “Those wild mushrooms he cooked and ate” prior to arriving weren’t the type he thought.

5) Somebody “spiked his cranberry juice”.

6) He has some condition that makes him hallucinate elaborate scenarios, influenced by things you might read in the bible or see in movies.

I may have failed to see all possibilities…Do share your insights.

I see no solid reason to believe the first option.

…The second option…possibly he believes the lie “does more good in this world” [because it pushes a religious agenda he agrees with], than it causes harm.

I tend to think the remaining options [a few presented metaphorically] are quite compelling, if we are to believe this priest is being entirely sincere.

It’s important to keep in mind…this is their livelihood…It’s how they survive…and it has so, so many parallels to the witch doctors this priest paints in a negative light…They largely just change the title of the sacraments, customs, items and characters they revere…but at the base of everything, it’s all some style of theology, no matter what you claim to worship or deal with.

I used to watch this type of media [with these types of discussion] during the early nineties, after buying a satellite dish and discovering a free catholic channel…I found the topics of demons and witchcraft to be fascinating back then…I still do, but from a much different perspective.

I no longer uncritically accept peoples assertions, no matter how sincere or urgent they come off.

I may believe that they believe it…But just because they believe it, does not mean their own conclusions are accurate to reality.

I’m open minded…and I don’t try to force an answer, onto everything we don’t know or fully understand…I’m also a human who escaped the tyranny of the baptist church [and theology in general], becoming an atheist somewhere along the way…As so much theology has crumbled and collapsed before my eyes and I’ve come to see completely through it…the question of demons is something that…

…Let me put it this way…as long as I have been outside of religion [“without faith”, as some might call it]…as much as I have looked into, with a yearning for knowledge…if demons are this common…I tend to wonder why I’ve still never encountered any concrete evidence of their existence…

Heck…I’m even friends with a pagan priestess, if you can believe that…It’s entirely true…in my actual, offline life.

I supposedly tick all these boxes, which make me prime for demonic targeting…and yet…no…

…Am I just to strong willed…stubborn…boring…impossible for them?

The big mystery if demons are real…is why do they leave me entirely alone?

…It’s not as if I’m an especially intimidating badass, after all…I’m more of a cripple with one foot in the grave…

…I seem like a ripe and juicy target, if you ask some people.

Ah!…Yes!…”Perfect Possession”!…Why, thank you…

I must have fallen asleep during the tail end of this…and there’s always some concept to throw in there, in answer to what I’ve just posed…

…Funny thing…just prior to watching this I was thinking to myself…”Maybe I’ve transcended the need for demonic nudging”…”Maybe I’m just so evil the demons figure, what’s the use?…He’s doing fine on his own!”…Or, maybe I’ve even “advanced to being a demon, myself…WooHoo!”…

…Always some way to dance around the questions…

…And this “perfect possession” is not convincing.

Still…it does show creativity.


Why Silence is Power – Priceless Benefits of Being Silent…


Date: May 29, 2022

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“The power of silence is versatile. Silence can transcend speech, speak without words, and complement where verbal language is lacking. And keeping silent also has advantages in terms of creativity, mental health, spiritual and religious practice, achieving the upper hand in negotiations, and even as a way to intimidate. This video explores the power of silence, unfolding four priceless benefits of being silent.”


Bernie and the Squad surrender to the war machine’s Ukraine scam…

Date: May 29, 2022

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“Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate skewer Bernie Sanders and the progressive Squad’s vote in favor of the $40 billion package of Ukraine military aid – a titanic scam channeling public money into the pockets of the arms industry and Beltway defense contractors.”


Qanon Interpreter: “I’m Teaching People To Supernaturally Multiply Food By Praying Over It”…


Date: May 29, 2022

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“In this video, I talk about q interpreter Dave Hayes, AKA The Praying Medic, telling us he’s moved on from Q and is now focused on teaching people how to supernaturally multiply food.”

I’ve also noticed that the only thing that host ever does, is set there nodding his head in agreement…He never pushes back on anything…He just agrees, and never asks for anything but the most shallow of clarifications…usually in a style, as to reaffirm the claim.

The guy is just a completely ridiculous host.

Can you even say anything outlandish enough, to make this guy stop nodding his head in agreement?

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