Can Elon Musk fix Twitter? (Jim Rutt and Bret Weinstein)…

Date: June 02, 2022

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“Bret speaks with Jim Rutt about Elon Musk’s move to takeover Twitter and free speech on social media.

Jim is an American businessman and entrepreneur, the former CEO of Network Solutions, and the former chairman of the Santa Fe Institute.”

The question of fixing twitter, at least as relates to its historical and current problems, comes down to removing the people who are inhibiting speech [presumably, the whole reason the platform exists in the first place].

If users are not violating any laws, then they should be left alone…Period…End of discussion…

…Problem is…twitter administration takes it upon itself, to employ extra punitive and abnormal standards, towards users they are prejudiced against. The rules and policies they come up with and use for “justification”, make no logical sense in the first place…There is no actual reason for those rules, terms and policies to even exist, let alone be used against someone.

The atmosphere at twitter gives these people free license, to abuse the user base however they please.

…And that’s exactly what’s been happening for years.

You want to fix twitter?…Then remove this malignant cancer.

As to the user base…employ a consistent set of rules, and enforce them equally across the board.

It’s bullshit that my own twitter account has been locked down for three plus years, and they’ve blocked my IP…yet there are people who were habitually committing gross violations of the TOS [many of whom I was pushing back against] when I got sucker punched by twitter…those people are themselves still openly on twitter.

It’s complete bullshit, when the person in the right, on the straight and narrow, is the one that gets all the actual penalty and punishment dumped onto them…meanwhile, the many people who were literally causing the problems are allowed to run wild on the platform til this day.

Twitter is bankrupt of integrity.

It’s been turned into a “Good ol Boys” club, for the super ultra “woke”.

Why cant people just be there, discuss social and personal issues, and be left alone?

The platform was actually really good, when it used to do that…Now they just set around, dreaming up shitty excuses to kick people out.


1 thought on “Can Elon Musk fix Twitter? (Jim Rutt and Bret Weinstein)…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    When I say my IP was blocked, I meant there’s an automatic trace on it whenever I attempt to open a new account…It imposes obstacles to having any functional twitter account, and automatically locks down any new accounts. I can still brows the platform [even in my original account]…and report violations [which they now appear to ignore, when they did not in the past].


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