Is Elon Musk the benevolent dictator we need? (Jim Rutt and Bret Weinstein)…


Date: June 02, 2022

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“Bret speaks with Jim Rutt about Elon Musk’s move to takeover Twitter and free speech on social media.

Jim is an American businessman and entrepreneur, the former CEO of Network Solutions, and the former chairman of the Santa Fe Institute.”

The bureaucracy of twitter is already corrupt beyond redemption.

When things are where they are, and these bozos are inventing full on weak BS excuses for banishing people on ideological grounds…things cannot get any worse.

Let a wrecking ball have twitter…What exists in the aftermath wont be perfect either…but it’s bound to be a step up, from the corrupt, hypocritical dumpster fire that twitter is today.

Nobody should be pessimistic about this…It’s not as if we are talking about a healthy, functional platform here.

Twitter desperately needs a radical intervention, that will radically transform it.

Besides…it seems Elon does not want to keep it forever…Just long enough to expunge the abusive assholes, and make it a consistently fair and professional platform.

If it crashes and burns in all of this…Oh well…We’re better off for even that.

Transform twitter, or just let it burn into oblivion.

I don’t know how anyone can defend what twitter is today, nor lack the realization that something radical needs to be done about it.

Oh yes!…The anger, tears and squealing going on right now, are all about the prospect of weak and impotent manipulators, who are about to lose their dirty advantages…It horrifies them, that they might actually have to function on a level playing field with everyone else…

…They cannot hold the upper hand anymore…They cannot function, when anybody else is around to push back.

There’s also the complete BS, that some people have the gall to equate the entirety of twitter with “a safe space”…And they use this as an excuse to banish people.

If they want “a safe space”…go start one…or join up with any number of platforms that already do that…Leave us who’ve already been peacefully using a platform for years [even a decade plus] the fuck alone!


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