Why Gen Z Doesn’t Care About Music…


Date: June 07, 2022

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“I discuss my theory as to why the GEN Z generation doesn’t care about music.”

So…it’s an overload of stimulation drowning out the music?

That’s possible.

I find the video game streamers boring…and never watch more than a few minutes of what they put out, if I bother watching any of their content at all.

Normally…I like well made video game reviews…and solid/fun commentary on the video game industry…maybe a bit of industry news, to keep up with what’s going on…

…But I cannot imagine setting here for hours, watching other people play most video games…That’s just torture…and I’d normally only do it, if I’m stuck on a particular game and I need to find out how to get beyond something.

Tutorials are good…but just watching someone play, for the sake of watching how they play?…No, Thank You!

There’s not enough great music put out broadly these days, to really get people to notice and bond with it.

…Most of it is just more generic and passable…but not something that “makes your spirit dance and soar”.

When I first started falling in love with music, I was probably nine or ten…and I had to get lucky, to happen across it again over the radio…I loved when I would finally hear it again.

So much about the finite nature of how we received and experienced music, made it mean more to us…made it more precious to us…because it wasn’t there at all times, with the mere push of a button.

Today…music feels like it’s delegated to background noise…At work, I often find myself turning it off.

I often function better, when it’s quiet…or more quiet…Sad, but true.


2 thoughts on “Why Gen Z Doesn’t Care About Music…

  1. GK

    I grew up in the vinyl record or tape days, where hissing, clicking and popping were the bane of the audiophile. The equipment needed to try and mitigate it was impressive. Now, thanks to digital, great sound is truly available and we’ve turned our backs on it. I have an incredible sound system in my home with some power and great speakers, yet nobody else has a “stereo” anymore. They listen to ear buds hooked up to a phone.

    No wonder kids don’t listen to music anymore. The throbbing beats, the tinkling highs just can’t be completely experienced with ear buds. My bass can shake the walls when called for. I think that is part of the issue. The physical sensations also go into making an emotional response to music, but try finding decent equipment. I live in a large metropolitan area and there are two stores that can handle quality sound systems.

    The crappy music is another problem. I find I listen to far more music from overseas than ever. Japan has some very good music from rock to pop. I also have a honkin huge flat screen with a great sound system. Check out Baby Metal and their videos. Band Maid or Aldious are also great all female bands that rock. Then there’s GRAI, a sort of heavy metal – folk rocky sort of band. Also, radio stations like KEXP put out some great indy music and in house concerts. I’m usually not a huge fan of folk, but Madolin Orange has me hooked.

    Let’s break up the record monopolies along with the rest and we’ll soon have more variety and better music again. Think there’s a chance in hell of any good anti war songs or those criticizing the economic policies of the US? Not a chance.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’ll look for those bands…I’m mostly discovering “Frankenstein” groups, made of remnants of old groups.

      I wish I hadn’t given away my stereo…It was really something, as well…I needed the open space…Plus, I crave quiet much more these days…

      I do have a really nice Bose dock for my iPod, though.

      If you like Sammy Hagar, check out his youtube channel…The Circle still makes music…and they freaking rock.

      There’s a lot of hidden gems out there too…Revolution Saints…Dirty Shirley…Passion…Good hard rock is still out there, and being made fresh.


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