3 thoughts on ““Trans Ideology is the New Homophobia” – Arielle Scarcella…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I should have watched the entirety of this before posting it…I normally do with all media…but it was really late…

    I agree with most of this…but two things…

    1) There’s nothing wrong with teaching children about sex and sexuality.

    2) The Blaire Witch is an abusive, slanderous a-hole, who viciously attacks other minorities. She is not a nice person, at all.

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    Oh, Jesus Christ!…

    …What is it with the endless snark and demeaning towards pedophiles…You don’t need to be such assholes.

    I should not comment before watching, as well.

    Why is it, you can almost always count on some mouthy a-hole taking jabs at MAPs, commonly for no sane reason, and most especially when you’ve decided to float a bit of good faith towards them?

    Cant post a fucking thing, without vetting it first…Just under the surface, most people show them selves to be bigoted assholes.

  3. eqfoundation Post author

    Last word…

    …We are MAPs…Don’t like it?…Tough Shit!…

    Go ahead, and be a bigoted asshole…The poor quality of your character will be understood.

    Thank you for the publicity, all the same.

    Apparently…We continue to make gains in public awareness…This is a good thing.


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