Why I Quit Teaching Gen Z! – A Story of Little Things That Made a Big Difference…


Date: June 16, 2022

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Definitely some very conflicted feelings in all of this…

…Some of them behave like absolute little shits, particularly online, when you have the misfortune of crossing paths with them…It leaves you wondering how they expect to survive in this world, being like that…self centered, selfish and cruel towards others…

…But I also tend to think…I was way too damn submissive and trusting as a kid…and a lot of shit got put over me…into my head, because of it…

…What happens when you come to understand, so much “authority” does not deserve its position?…What happens when you come to see, that so much of what is established should be brought down?…should be disrespected?…disregarded?…moved beyond?

So many who hold the power, are the last people who deserve it…and are the most enthusiastic to abuse it…to abuse those who lack power.

I don’t like the lack humanity I’m seeing a lot of…On a base level, we should be so much better to each other…

…The system…I think the system is designed to break us down, and rip us apart.

Our current system is unfit for human consumption.

I understand perfectly, the disillusionment with it all.

What are you supposed to desire, work or hope towards, with this utter shit we are facing…and a power structure intent on forcing us all to be destroyed?

I support telling the system to Fuck Off!


2 thoughts on “Why I Quit Teaching Gen Z! – A Story of Little Things That Made a Big Difference…

  1. Yure

    She is actually right. As a teacher, living in the front line of education, I can say for sure that authority is needed. So much that the students succeed more in classes where the teachers are more authoritarian. I do waste a lot of time requesting silence. That makes even good students fail, because the teacher can’t do his job. If I just let the noise get out of control, the good students can’t concentrate. I try to be nice, but even students tell me to get a hold of the class so they can actually listen to me. And that creates another problem: students pressuring me to kick out other students (which I can do, but I don’t like doing that much, because I would rather make them pay attention than kicking them out and risk that kid getting a lower grade). Authority is absolutely needed for teaching, not only because of the effects, but because it’s natural for the relationship to form: if you don’t respect the authority and you treat the teacher as an equal, why would you listen to him when he says that the Earth is round, when there’s another guy online saying the opposite? I mean, I actually HAD a flat-Earther student.


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