Setting up a new Telegard BBS in 2021…


Date: June 18, 2022

01) LINK

“#bbs #pc #dos A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon a printout of a CBBS bulletin board system session that happened 40 years ago last month. As a former BBS user and sysop, this was really exciting to me as CBBS is the grandaddy of all bulletin board software. I immediately wanted to set up a CBBS system afterwards and see what it was like, and how it compared to the Telegard system I ran as a youth, but…

Yeah CBBS is a *lot* more complicated to install. That will take a while for me to figure out, and then there’s the non-trivial matter of finding the right hardware. So that’s a future project. But I’ve got serious BBS nostalgia right now! So I decided to dust off Telegard 2.7 and install it just as I would have 30 years ago this fall, when my highschool had me set one up for them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane. I’d originally wanted to restore a backup of my original BBS that I made to tape, but alas, I cannot find it! So we’ll just have to start from scratch and see what I remember.. or not.”

I wish I’d had my C64 online back in the day…I probably still could get the hardware and do it, but…why bother?

From what I understand, some people still maintain an active BBS on old computers.

That’s kind of neat.


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