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Joe Biden is ‘angry’ that Americans are ‘complaining’…

Date: June 20, 2022

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“US President Joe Biden is “angry” that Americans are complaining about not being able to afford gas and food, says Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“Don’t they realise he’s changing lives?”

I’m not so much a fan of Sky News Australia, as I am a fan of brutally skewering that wealth chosen sack of shit Mo Lyin’.

That fucker has the gall to hijack the “progressive” name and brand, while betraying the masses and doing whatever his wealthy backers tell him to do.

There are no words or concepts vulgar enough, to describe someone like Mo Lyin’.


How Trauma Gets Trapped in Your Body – the Vagus Nerve…


Date: June 20, 2022

01) Part 1

“NOTE: ALL VIDEOS are for educational purposes only and are NOT a replacement for medical advice or counseling from a licensed professional.”

02) Part 2

How Trauma Gets Trapped in Your Body Part 2 – Vagus Nerve, Orienting Reflex and the Amygdala:

8:36 Orienting Reflex and Trauma
13:56: The Vagus Nerve and the Orienting Reflex
17:32 Vagus Nerve and Trauma
29:32 Steps to start strengthening your Vagus nerve ability to trigger the relaxation response”

03) Releasing Trauma from Your Body – Reprogramming or Resetting the Vagus Nerve

“NOTE: ALL VIDEOS are for educational purposes only and are NOT a replacement for medical advice or counseling from a licensed professional.”


Introducing IBLD Janus and IBLD Sancus…

IBLD Website

Date: June 20, 2022

Yes…I’ve been threatening it for years…and now I’ve gone and done it…So, there! ;-P

Of course…nobody is obliged to use these…but I will be using them, moving forward…I just find it to be better, and more organized…maybe even more dignified.

Oh!…I also just did a little bit of cleaning up, at the EQF IBLD Website…So, it’s all fresh and ready to go…Bit sad about having to remove another link, though.

What is Janus and Sancus?

This is an EQ Foundation initiative and practice. If you like it, you are encouraged to adopt and spread it.

The second yearly observation of IBLD came into existence, because BoyLovers on opposite global hemispheres both wanted to observe IBLD during the summer. For a great many of us, the original IBLD occurred during the winter. As consequence the EQF has marked both a “summer” and “winter” IBLD every year, ever since opening up the EQF IBLD Website. The problem with this, is that any BoyLover anywhere can celebrate either or both IBLDs…and it’s always both summer and winter on either IBLD, depending on where you live. It’s been wrong and awkward, to attach either one to any specific season. So, a change is being made at the EQF.

Instead of referencing each IBLD by summer or winter season, they will now be uniquely distinguished.

Janus is the Roman god of choices, doorways, beginnings, endings, transitions and time.

Sancus is the Greek god of loyalty, honesty, and oaths.

In order to differentiate the two yearly observations of IBLD, each has been given a name which represents dignified principles that embody optimism and integrity.

Other choices were considered…Some were just as attractive…A few were hard to rule out…The fact that they were ruled out, does not express any rejection of the emotions and principles they represent.

Yes…This is a unilateral move…and I think the choices are solid.

I hope their relevance will be obvious to BoyLovers around the world.

– Steve Diamond